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No. 6 "Lovenote" Luxury Candle

"Lovenote" is the sixth luxury candle curated for our signature candle line. An intoxicating rose based blend. It's deeply sensual and romantic yet fresh with undertones of sandalwood & musk. A slight pop of creamy vanilla & rich amber turns this fusion from sweet to sultry. Burn "Lovenote" on date night or a quiet evening at home. Both times are sure to yield the same results: You falling in love.


4 ounce travel tin - appr. 20 hour burn time
10 ounce glass vessel - appr. 60 hour burn time
Self Care Tip - Remember to trim the wick before each use.
This will ensure your candle burns safely, evenly & longer. 
No. 6 "Lovenote" Luxury Candle

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