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Welcome to LevanaNINE!

I created this space for people of all ages to come and find community on their journey of self care. LevanaNINE encourages you to love your self, care for yourself, and above all know yourself. It is a lifestyle brand and a self care company committed to helping find balance in overwhelming lifestyles, and, through our products, help curate and maintain healthy self care rituals for your mind, body and sacred spaces. 

My three daughters and myself handcraft these items to help make you feel your most beautiful and well self. We encourage you to find your truth, live in it unapologetically and care for yourself at all times. We must make sure our minds, bodies and souls are in optimum health in order to nurture and care for anyone else. Self preservation is key especially in today's climate. 

Thank you so much for visiting and remember #SelfCareOverEverything!


Welcome to The Self Care Society...

Love and light, 


(Founder/Chief Artisan of LevanaNINE)