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No. 4 "Laundry Day"

"Laundry Day" is the fourth luxury candle curated for our signature candle line.
Who doesn't love the smell of fresh clothes or
linens pulled straight from the dryer?  
"Laundry Day" has bright top notes of clean ozone, jasmine, green apple
& lemon, then wraps up with and cedar wood, cotton blossom & violet.

Nostalgic. Comforting. The perfect addition to a clean home.


4 ounce travel tin - appr. 27 hour burn time
10 ounce glass vessel - appr. 65 hour burn time
Self Care Tip - Remember to trim the wick before each use.
This will ensure your candle burns safely, evenly & longer. 
No. 4 "Laundry Day"

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