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No. 3 "Crescent Phase" Luxury Candle

"Crescent Phase" is the third luxury candle curated for our signature candle line.
”Crescent Phase” is the sleep inducing, tension relieving
candle you never knew you needed. Notes of lavender & patchouli
at the top, chamomile & bergamot in the middle,
followed by base notes of vetiver, tonka & vanilla. Light "Crescent Phase"
after a long day, while you meditate, a long shower or soak before bed. 
Instant relaxation.


4 ounce travel tin - appr. 20 hour burn time
10 ounce glass vessel - appr. 60 hour burn time
Self Care Tip - Remember to trim the wick before each use.
This will ensure your candle burns safely, evenly & longer. 
No. 3 "Crescent Phase" Luxury Candle

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