Personal Scented Soy Candles

Personal Scented Soy Candles

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 Created in small batches to induce maximum relaxation and meditation, our candles will definitely be a self-care staple all year round. Smaller sizes were created for intimate use to envelop the sacred space around you and bigger sizes will fill up a bigger room. 

•9 oz 

•100% soy

•90 hour burn time 

•Hand-poured with love 



Silk Robe (No.1)

A sexy, floral with a musk undertone. Very romantic and femme. Notes of coconut, bergamot, rose, heliotrope, carnation and patchouli.

Tea Cake (No.2)

A warm and inviting vanilla scent. Smells like fresh baked butter cookies with decadent icing! Notes of vanilla, buttercream and musk.

Crescent Phase (No. 3) 

This scent will be extra helpful in unwinding and inducing that much needed rest. Notes of lavender, patchouli, and chamomile. Sleep tight! 

Laundry Day (No.4)

Who doesn't love the smell of fresh clothes or linens pulled straight from the dryer? If you do, this is the candle for you! Notes of clean ozone, jasmine, green apple and cedar wood.

Pharaoh (No.5)

This lovely scent will make you think you're sitting next to a clean, groomed man! Very masculine and sexy. Aromatic notes of ozone, amber, leather and musk. 

Lovenote (No.6)

An intoxicating custom rose-scented blend. It's deeply sensual and romantic yet fresh with undertones of sandalwood and musk. A slight pop of creamy vanilla and rich amber turns this fusion from sweet to sultry. 

 Oshun (No.7)

Named after the beloved Yoruba goddess of fertility, femininity, and love, Oshun is a bright citrus scent with full-bodied notes of bergamont and grapefruit fused with an herbal bouquet. A true-to-life blend of ripe, tangy exotic fruit and hints of sweet peach. 

Sanctuary (No.8) 

This scent makes you feel like you walked into something comforting. A lover's arms. A sensual haven. A sacred space. Notes of amber, sandalwood and Oud.