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"First Date" Luxury Candle

There's something about Valentine’s Day
that makes us all
want to get a little closer to each other.
You can blame it on the cooler weather, it’s ok. 
Be that as it may, I can't help but to notice
more couples out 
enjoying each other company, arms wrapped tightly around necks and waists.
However you like to spend this special time of year,
you can't deny it's ability to bring people together, romantically or not. 
Game night or date night.
"First Date"
It reminds you of 
sweet, shy first kisses, intentional listening,
strong eye contact.
Fun & mysterious wonder...and possibilities. 
"First Date" 
is a unisex scent with an intoxicating blend of tobacco, rum, and cognac notes unfold into a heart of geranium, palmarosa, and rose accords.  A dark, woody blend of cedar and vetiver create the base. 
Don't Netflix & Chill this one away.

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